We recognise that tenants play a critical role in our business and underpin our investment positions. Across our portfolio we have a range of tenants occupying assets from logistics warehousing to high quality office.

We value our tenants, and approach the landlord / tenant relationship like a partnership. To this end we work closely with our tenants to try and deliver opportunity and value whilst satisfying their leasing needs. We think comprehensively about our tenants’ occupancy needs considering aspects such as End of Trip facilities, improved sustainability ratings, maintenance and outgoing costs.

We do not take a one size fits all approach to leasing, and focus on more than the consideration of spatial requirements – we are hands-on to ensure that we can deliver what we have promised.

Across our funds we have made a strong effort to improve the sustainability of each property. Even simple things can make a big difference, such as lighting efficiency upgrades or the installation of PV arrays to provide tenants with carbon neutral power. Such initiatives not only help to mitigate the use of natural resources, but also improve the tenancy experience and occupant wellbeing. Collectively they can also make a massive difference in terms of occupancy cost and comfort.

If Forza Capital can assist you with your office, industrial, or other leasing requirements, please contact us at info@forzacapital.com.au.


Tenants across our investment portfolio

“Over the last 2 years we have had 18 tenants across12,047m2 of lettable area up for renewal, 100% of which have renewed their leases.

We have also concluded 16 new leases over 3,929m2 of space”

– Josh Sharkey, Fund Manager, August 2020

Forza Cheltenham Opportunity

We work closely with our tenants to satisfy their leasing needs.


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