Responsible Investment

Forza Capital believes firmly that investment outcomes should be measured by more than just profitability.

Environmental, social and governance outcomes are becoming increasingly important and will be key drivers of future investment markets. Forza Capital intends to use its experience and expertise in this area to generate a competitive advantage for our investors.


Through understanding the importance of ecologically sustainable development, and being at its forefront, we can offer investments which not only enhance value but reduce risk and obsolescence.

The starting point for Forza Capital is a recognition that the embodied energy in new buildings makes truly sustainable development nearly impossible. This is a key reason why many of Forza’s investments involve recycling old buildings. Where the construction of new buildings is necessary, we design with the future in mind, striving to achieve industry leading environmental credentials.


Delivering positive social outcomes does not always yield instant financial benefits.

Nevertheless, at Forza Capital we approach social responsibility like the rest of our business – with a long-term focus. Whether it be the installation of artworks procured by local artists, designing for inclusion of all people, or using our networks and expertise to assist others while achieving their social objectives, we are continually seeking ways to create social capital.


At Forza, we balance nimbleness and agility with strict, structured internal processes and controls.

Recognising that we work in a business of trust, we are continually evolving to protect our investors’ capital and reputations alongside our own. As such, we are structured in a manner that provides probity and oversight to everything we do.

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