Forza Capital has a proven track record of creating wealth for our clients.
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Average Net IRR
(completed funds, after fees)


Average Net Total Return
(completed funds, after fees)

$756 million

Total Transactional Activity

20 years

Directors’ Partnership Tenure


Active Funds



What does Forza Capital offer?

We provide standalone, direct investment opportunities across a variety of property sectors. We consider thousands of property transactions as we look for disconnections between perception and pricing. Such opportunities are difficult to find and secure, and we only offer a few investments each year. Sometimes that means there can be substantial periods between investments while we scour the markets.

How are investments structured?

Investments are offered through simple, closed-ended investment vehicles, typically comprising a single asset.

Are Forza Capital’s interests aligned?

Forza backs its investment ability and seeks to earn most of its remuneration through absolute performance. Where we can, we also invest directly in our Funds. This ensures that the interests of investors and Forza are aligned, and that we always have “skin in the game”.

What happens once I invest?

Throughout the investment period we communicate regularly with our investors, and most funds seek to pay distributions quarterly. We value the long-standing relationships we have with our clients, and a big part of what we offer is direct, open access to our team.

How do I invest?

If you are interested to hear more about investing with Forza Capital, you can contact us on 03 9650 9300 or

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